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Collection Les Grands Ballets

The first professional ballet company in Quebec, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens are now recognized worldwide. Whether classical or contemporary, his work transports spectators into a universe where all their senses are solicited. It was therefore natural to create a specific range of coffee in partnership with Les Grands Ballets.

Our coffee curators have created two new blends that pay homage to the wide range of emotions conveyed by this Montreal institution.

    • Elegance


      As soon as he enters the room, the Montreal audience is projected into a world where elegance seduces his senses, because, if the graceful, fluid and precise movements characterize the ballet, it is the elegance that distinguishes the Great Ballets .

      To recreate the expression of such a feeling, our curators offer you this rich and harmonious coffee.

      BEAN ORIGIN Ethiopian, Colombia

    • Boldness


      Whether classical or contemporary, the work of the Grands Ballets will never lack audacity. Since 1957, their dancers are showing all the colors to the Montreal public and invite them to discover.

      The extraordinary taste of this coffee pays tribute to the strong emotions that this great institution awakens in us.

      BEAN ORIGIN Peru, Nicaragua, Indonesia.