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Allongé, americano, lungo… Whatever your preference, there is one thing in common: They are all long coffees. So what is long coffee and how do you prepare it properly? We will explain everything to you.


Le filter coffee consists of pouring hot water on a more or less fine grind of coffee. It is distinguished by a light body, great aromatic clarity and can easily be prepared in large quantities.

Le long coffee it is a mixture of espresso and hot water which can be prepared in different ways. It therefore offers a beautiful aromatic intensity but with a body halfway between that of espresso and filter.  


If you are a long-time coffee lover, your cafe bar menu may not make it easy for you when it comes to making a choice. Long, elongate, American, long black… What a difference?

There is a popular belief that the invention of the Americano dates back to World War II. American soldiers in Italy have reportedly started diluting their espresso with hot water to mimic their usual filter coffee. Since then, the Americano has become very popular and the recipe remains unchanged.

To put it simply, there is the elongated one and the others:


At Édika we are in the long black team: A double espresso served on 90 to 120ml (3 to 4oz) of hot water, that is to say a little less than the Americano. This recipe comes from Australia and New Zealand and makes a drink more concentrated et aromatic.

Steps for preparing long coffee

  1. Prepare a double espresso.

    As a reminder, according to your taste, you will need 15 to 20g of ground coffee to obtain 30 to 60ml (1 to 2oz) in a cup. Note that for the paler third wave coffees, we recommend using a rather high dose for a balanced taste.

  2. Pour about 90ml (3oz) of hot water into a large mug
  3. Pour your shot of espresso directly into the cup of hot water.

    Be sure to keep it close to the filter holder to avoid splashing. This method allows to keep a beautiful the perfect as well as the aromatic qualities of the espresso. However, you can completely prepare it in another cup and pour it delicately afterwards.

For this preparation, we like the 1980 blend of Café Touché. Its round and velvety aromatic profile is ideal. Good tasting!