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Do you want to equip yourself with a new espresso machine?
Are you curious about new taste experiences?
Do you feel like making your own cup?

All of this is possible, regardless of your level of experience or knowledge. The important thing is to identify the right questions to ask and they may not be the ones you are thinking of… This is what we invite you to see today.


1. How much time do you want to spend preparing your espresso? 

This is certainly THE most important question. The answer should already help you determine whether or not you should go to manual equipment. If you know your time is tight or that you are rarely at home, then this type of machine may present constraints. We advise you rather to orient yourself towards a super automatic machine, which will have the advantage of being fast, autonomous and constant.

2. Have you ever used a manual machine?

Depending on whether you have already made an espresso with a manual machine or not, your need will be radically different. You will be looking for a new experience in both cases but which will not meet the same needs. In case you have practiced on manual equipment before, you might want to replicate this experience. But you may also be looking to resolve potential problems or limitations with your previous equipment. We therefore advise you to establish the list of these points of friction but also that of your desires and expectations. Which brings us to the next question ...

3. What do you expect from your machine? 

Here, ask yourself what prompted you to shop for a new machine. Of course, there is no right answer. This means that you may be looking for a specific aesthetic, a particular footprint, or even a specific functionality. Compose the list of your requirements and try to prioritize them in order to identify potential compromises. Then, it is also interesting to determine the type of beverage you want to prepare and at what rate. To do this, put into perspective the number of users of the machine and their tastes.

4. What type of coffee do you like?

The type of grain you like is an important factor in choosing your equipment. Yes the importance of the mill is well established, it may be relevant to invest more in it than in the machine itself. The whole must be coherent so that one is at the service of the other to bring out the best of the grain used. In this regard, we advise you to pay attention to the grain that you buy and like. Note that the higher the bean grows and is light roasted, the harder and more dense it will be. To grind and infuse a grain of this type you need precise, powerful and constant equipment:

  • On the mill side, this goes through quality grindstones. They must be precisely adjustable in order to be able to go far in the fineness of the grind.
  • For the machine, this requires a powerful heating element. It must offer a high infusion temperature to be able to extract the full potential of a hard-fiber grain.

5. What cup result are you looking for?

When it comes time to equip yourself, it is important to know yourself. Here, think about what you like when brewing and enjoying your coffee. It is not so much the beverage that interests us, but the way to consume it:

  • Are you rather curious and like to be surprised? Or are you looking for consistency and reproducibility instead?
  • Would you like to play around with the brewing settings and parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.)? Or do you prefer a stable routine for a cup always to your liking?