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curator of coffee

Inspired by the English term curator and the European trend of curators of art galleries, the curators of Touché coffee act as intermediaries between amateurs and artisan roasters based in Montreal. Their role: to imagine, create and offer the best coffee possible while offering you new combinations of beans. Their greatest pleasure: awakening you to new flavors, textures and sensations.

To do this, the curators Touché were inspired by what surrounds them, what makes them vibrate. Through their collection of cafés, they pay tribute to the one who has punctuated their stories as much as history, Montréal Touché coffee curators live in Montréal, and it inhabits them. Inspired by Montréal, Touché cafés will give you the taste of rediscovering your city, a cup of coffee at a time.

Superior Coffee

The Touché coffee beans are carefully selected by our curators, who make sure to bag the most sought-after and tasty grains. At the heart of their selection process is an ingenious supply management and quality control, which allows you to offer you, every week, a coffee that is always fresh.

So, this creamy cream and rich taste that you like so much is based on the attention to detail and the ingenious methodology developed by curators Touché.

Opt for the fair trade organic range and make the informed choice of a coffee that will do just as much of your morning.

Local roasting

Montréal is more than an inspiration, since it is also here that our curators have chosen to roast Touché coffees.

An equally logical and judicious choice that allows us to bag the coffee beans as soon as they have reached the perfect level of roasting. And as each of our coffees requires a unique roast, the Touché curators based in Montreal ensure that they are roasted to the degree.

As a result, a Touché coffee bag not only takes less time to get to your home, it is perfectly roasted, for a cooler and tastier coffee.

Artistic mixtures

As Touché coffee blends are made from high-altitude coffee beans grown by some of the world's most grandiose producers, Touché coffee curators like to say they offer great coffees.